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Cattle Decapitation


Ages Of Atrophy – the band that carries the Deathcore torch in Israel now days. Structural – Progressive Death Metal , continuing their destruction spree with their new album. Social Dissonance – Mathcore by the books with beatdown and hardcore influences

25/03/2020 19:00 - 23:30 Bascula - 72 Ha'Rakevet Street, Tel-Aviv

Space Fog IL Presents: Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation have never shied away from confronting the awfulness wrought upon the natural world by the human race.

Death Atlas is their bleakest offering to date. The cover art says it all, a stooped, skeletal Grim Reaper carrying the burnt-out husk of our planet on his back.

"The core concept of this record is humanity's insignificance despite what we've convinced ourselves," explains vocalist Travis Ryan. "That's kind of why this album cover takes place in space, to remind you that 'the universe always finds a way to purge'.

Backing this up with a ferocious soundtrack, it's one of the most shocking and unflinching records of 2019, demanding an emotional response, and forcing people to think about their own contributions to the devastation of the planet.

five percent of the concert profits will go towards the following charities:

SPCA Israel
The Israeli Association Against Animal Experiments
Eran Emotional First Aid by Telephone & Internet

**The concert age limit is 18 , whoever's under 18 will not be allowed in**
No entry to drugs, we condemn any violation of the law and drug use

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soldiers / disabled / adults accompanying disabled / elderly / students / National Service 219.00

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